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    Antique Ansonia Clocks
    1,001 color photos of Antique Ansonia Clocks

    Just Added - Ansonia Crystal Regulators 1905 Catalog
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    We gratefully acknowledge Savage and Polite's Antique Clocks Identification and Price Guide for providing these photos and descriptions. To see what these clocks have actually sold for at auction, please visit their site. They have prices and descriptions for more than 12,000 antique clocks of all different types and makers.

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    Antique Ansonia "Crystal Palace No. 1 Extra" Model Clock

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    Crystal Palace No. 1 Extra

    Catalog Description:

    Ansonia Clock Co. "Crystal Palace No. 1 Extra", ca 1880. H. J. Daviess’ advertised his clocks as "Black Walnut Clocks" and "Visible Pendulum, with Glass Shade" (Crystal Palace) clocks. Well this one isn’t walnut, but oak. Beautifully restored (or original) condition. I don’t think thegreen could have been restored on the dial surround and statue bases. Thewhole clock looks like it has been in a sealed container since 1880. Another of the Miller’s almost perfect clocks. It is 8 day, bell strike, 17-1/2 incheshigh with the glass dome. I won’t bore you with any more sales pitch exceptto say I have never seen or had better. Ly-Ansonia, pages 91-95.