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    Antique Ansonia Clocks
    1,001 color photos of Antique Ansonia Clocks

    Just Added - Ansonia Crystal Regulators 1905 Catalog
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    We gratefully acknowledge Savage and Polite's Antique Clocks Identification and Price Guide for providing these photos and descriptions. To see what these clocks have actually sold for at auction, please visit their site. They have prices and descriptions for more than 12,000 antique clocks of all different types and makers.

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    Antique Ansonia "Fisherman Swing" Model Clock

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    Fisherman Swing

    Catalog Description:

    C.1890, Ansonia "Fisherman\' Swing Clock (desirable small arm) in excellent original condition. The arm retains original trim and nickel finish on canister. The paper dial is darkening, and has a bubble in it, and a scrape from the hour hand rubbing across the bubble. The statue is very clean and with no evidence of damage or repair; bronze finish may have been touched up, but very well done. Can diameter 3\' Running well. Height 21\'